Black Latex Fist - BLF

BLF is a MEME coin first, but is based on humour promoting a serious message of "We're fed up of the fisting by rugs and shady projects." BLF is all action against the scammers - be warned, you will be fisted.


Hello everyone! Are you tired of being scammed and rugged by dodgy crypto developers? Well, the Black Latex Fist is here to give those bad actors a proper fisting! This project aims to rally the entire crypto community to stand together and show those scammers who's boss.

Black Latex Fist is a fair launch, decentralized, community-driven meme token that's all about fighting back against the crooks and cheats in the space. No more shady deals or backroom schemes – this is a token that puts the power back in the hands of the people.

So join us, grab your black latex gloves, and get ready to show the bad guys what we're made of. The Black Latex Fist is here to fight for fairness, transparency, and accountability in the crypto world, and we're not backing down until we've won. Let's get to work, friends!


90% of tokens are locked in liquidity, 10% goes to team.

  • Contract: 0x2b896c7f060ae441b76bbe47cddca934ba60f37f (renounced)
  • Total supply: 500,000,000,000
  • Tax: 2% buy & 2% sell

2% buy tax is directed to the payment splitter and then distributed among the founders

2% sell tax is allocated to the marketing wallet

The BLF Mission

We plan to build a strong and dynamic community of both hardcore, experienced degenerates & new, greener crypto investors who aren't familiar with the pitfalls of being a full-time degen. We will support and educate our holders, guiding them through the degenerate crypto space and having a laugh a minute along the way.

We are going to out scammers, humiliate dodgy developers and show people how to avoid all the bad-actors lurking in this space, we are unafraid and unfiltered and we will speak for the masses and give these villains the fisting they deserve.

The BLF will be live on any and all social media platforms, actively engaging with the cryptoverse from all possible angles, the team will eat, sleep and breathe BLF as long as there are bad-actors to be fisted.

We will not stop until our space is safer for everyone!